about us

Hello, my name is Frank Saco. I am the inventor of these three products:

#1) The Hygie-5 – A sanitary product for the food industry.

#2) Mama Chura Laundry Basket – An organized clothing laundry basket.

#3) Mickey Squeezer – A more efficient ketchup and mustard dispenser.

The conception of the Hygie arose from a big issue I experienced in my 20 years of food industry experience. The issue is that most people have a natural problem of involountarily spitting as they talk. The Hygie-5 shields the food from anything coming from the mouth or the nose resulting in a cleaner food environment. This product is aimed towards exposed food workers to protect the food from spit and anything from the nose.

Mama Chura Laundry Hamper is an item that is convenient for every household. This product helps organize dirty laundry to help save time when washing clothes resulting in less time spent cleaning clothes.

The Mickey Squeezer is an efficient way to manage ketchup and mustard which results time being saved and product being extended. Conventional dispensers are inefficient because when you’re looking refill, you need to empty out old ketchup and clean it which takes time and you can’t put new ketchup over old ketchup. With the Mickey Squeezer, you no longer have to rotate ketchup & mustard.

I’m looking for investors to join in on this lucrative opportunity. Our expected returns are 3 times the investment in 3 years or less, as soon as the company generates revenue. The amount of capital needed is $600,000-$700,000 with a minimum share of $50,000.

In approximately 30 days, we will have an investor meeting. If you are interested, please provide your contact information and we will be in touch.

For the people who are thinking about investing please provide your contact information, we will have investors

meeting within 30 days at the meeting will be my Patent lawyer C-P-A accounting and the state planning lawyer to explain everything and answer all the questions

Capital needed $ 600,000 minimum share $ 50,000

1- Name
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3- Phone number

Frank Saco (248) 763-0740